Weightedaverage Loan Age (WALA) Financial Glossary

What is it? The average number of months since the date of origination for each mortgage in a mortgage pass-through issued by Freddie Mac. The average is weighted by the size of the loans in the pool.

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Financial Term Annualised values is A standard length accounting period is taken to be 12 months or 52 weeks. To enable different periods within the 7-year performance table to be reasonably compared, all relevant values for a non-standard period are arithmetically converted to an annualised basis; this includes the consensus forecasts. For example, a turnover value of 60m for a reported 9-month period, becomes 80m on an annualised basis. Annualised values must, however, be regarded with caution, since they can signify seasonal variations in performance which a year-end change is often intended to smooth out. The detailed individual broker forecasts, shown separately, are not converted in this way, and remain as reported by each broker (subject to any adjustment for share capital charges). Attention is drawn to footnotes describing the circumstances and period to which individual forecasts relate. Similarly, values given in the shaded panel for last historic normalised EPS, turnover and pre-tax profits remain as reported by the company. When a suffix indicates a non-standard period, and its length in months, these three values are

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