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What is it? This is the active and/or passive distribution of information about a project - it is mandatory to different extents in every project. Can also be seen as a surreptitious way of marketing.

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Financial Term ROCE is Return on capital employed measures the return achieved on invested and borrowed capital (the capital employed).

Financial Term Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Systems is A variety of systems and technologies for transferring funds electronically rather than by check.

Financial Term B B S W is The Bank Bill Swap reference rate. BBSW is used by the Australian financial markets in the pricing of a wide variety of securities including interest rate swaps, forward-rate agreements, basis swaps, and mortgage-backed securities.

Financial Term Private Investor is An individual who purchases securities for him/herself, as opposed to an institutional investor. Also called individual, small or retail investor.

Financial Term Equity finance is Financing by selling ordinary shares or preference shares to investors.