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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term earnings credit rate is An interest rate applied to investable account balances to determine how much expense for bank services used by a depositor is offset by the deposits maintained by that depositor. The same calculation can work in the opposite way by applying the earnings credit rate to the actual service charges to determine how much deposit balance is needed to pay for the charges. The earnings credit rate is always expressed as an annual rate even though the calculations are usually done monthly. Also called earnings allowance rate.

Financial Term Lessor is A person or organisation who owns a property and rents it to another person or organisation, under the terms of a formal Lease Agreement.

Financial Term Selling Group is A collection of investment bankers who participate in the distribution of new issues to potential investors.

Financial Term proprietorship is Name used to identify a business that is not a separate legal entity but instead is operated by an individual.

Financial Term Research Training Networks is Promote training through research especially of researchers at pre-doctoral and at post-doctoral level