NWC Financial Glossary

What is it? Net Working Capital is the difference between current assets and current liabilities.

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Cooperative research project (for SMEs) is Projects enabling at least three mutually independent SMEs from at least two Member States or one Member State and an Associated State to jointly Commission research carried out by a third party. Also known as CRAFT.

Financial Term Footnote T is To be used if the fund began reporting prices to Nasdaq during the current year.

Financial Term Capital spending is Spending on assets that have a lasting value, for example, land, buildings and large items of equipment such as vehicles

Financial Term Resistance is A higher price level that a share or other financial instrument has tested recently but failed to break through.

Financial Term Condominium is A building or development with individually-owned apartments or houses. The owner has a deed, and possibly a mortgage, on the unit. The owner holds a common or joint ownership in all common areas and facilities that serve the project; land, roofs, hallways, entrance, elevators, etc.