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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Mortgage Insurance is Insurance that protects the lender against loss in the event a mortgage borrower defaults. Also called private mortgage insurance.

Financial Term Financial Services Authority (FSA) is The single regulatory authority for the UK financial services industry, setting the rules for how financial companies operate and looking out for the publics interests.

Financial Term Lower Earnings Limit is The minimum amount you must earn before you pay National Insurance contributions on your wages or salary

Financial Term Critical illness cover is Pays out a guaranteed cash sum sum if youre diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses covered by the plan

Financial Term withdrawals is 1) Any reduction in funds maintained in a deposit account or mutual fund.2) Funds of a proprietorship or a partnership that are directly removed from the firm by the proprietor or partners. These are distributions distinct from salary, commission, bonus, or rent payments paid to proprietors or partners.