Mortgage Holder Financial Glossary

What is it? An entity that holds (owns) mortgages or deeds of trust.

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Financial Term Collateral is The underlying security, mortgage, or asset pledged or held in trust for the purpose of securitization or borrowing and lending activities.

Financial Term Followon Financing is A supplementary round of financing in an existing Portfolio Company that builds on its original financing, generally in line with business growth and development. Venture-backed firms are often engaged in multiple follow-on deals.

Financial Term Prepayment Penalty is The fee assessed for early pay off of a debt.

Financial Term Financing is Borrowing money to buy something.

Financial Term Defeasance is A method used to extinguish debt by using a portfolio of securities such as bonds, to service or offset, the cash flows of the original debt. The original debt and the offsetting bonds may then removed from the borrowers balance sheet.