CPA Or CPC Or CPT Financial Glossary

What is it? Cross-program Action or Cluster or Theme (in IST Program)

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Band D Equivalent is The weighted number of domestic properties subject to Council Tax in a local authoritys area. It is expressed as a proportion to Band D which is the middle property band (e.g. 1 Band H = 2 Band D; 1 1/2 Band A = 1 Band D).

Financial Term Preexisting knowhow is The information which is held by contractors prior to the conclusion of the contract, or acquired in parallel with the duration of the contract it, as well as copyrights or rights pertaining to such information following applications for, or the issue of, patents, designs, plant varieties, supplementary protection certificates or similar forms of protection. Also referred to as Background.

Financial Term Tracker mortgage is Tracks movements in the Bank of England base rate so that you benefit quickly from a fall in interest rates.

Financial Term Encumbrance Liquidations is Liquidations of encumbrances, usually through payment for goods or services. Drilling down on a purchase order that has been liquidated provides details on the payment transactions.

Financial Term FHA mortgage loan is A mortgage loan insured by the FHA. Since the 1930s, FHA has insured first mortgages enabling lenders to loan a very high percentage of the purchase price. See Federal Housing Administration.