Tax Credit, Tax Depreciation, Tax Relief Financial Glossary

What is it? Tax incentive programs designed to encourage, stimulate, or subsidize the ownership of real estate.

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Financial Term Certificate of Title is A document provided by a qualified source (such as a title company) that shows the property legally belongs to the current owner. Before the title is transferred at closing, it should be clear and free of all liens or other claims.

Financial Term Singlefamily house is A type of residential structure designed to include one housing unit. Adjacent units may share walls and other structural components, but each unit has separate access to the outside and does not share kitchen facilities or plumbing or heating equipment.

Financial Term Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is The amount a student and his or her family are expected to pay toward the students cost of attendance as calculated by a Congressionally-mandated formula known as Federal Methodology. The EFC is used to determine a students eligibility for the student financial assistance programs.

Financial Term preference is A legal term used in bankruptcy to describe a transaction deemed to have occurred under circumstances favorable to the creditor that benefited from the transaction. This provision is intended to protect unsecured creditors. Under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, the preference period for most creditors is 90 days prior the date of the debtors petition filing. The exception is a one year preference period applicable to creditors deemed to be an insider with respect to the bankrupt debtor. Collateral interests obtained by a creditor during the preference period are undone by the bankruptcy.

Financial Term Mortgage valuation is A valuation, carried out by your mortgage lender, of the property that you want to buy.