Leasing Financial Glossary

What is it? A method of renting the use of vehicles, machinery and equipment. The items do not belong to us, but are the property of the leasing company to whom we pay rentals.

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Financial Term Mortgage is A loan to buy a property There are different types of mortgage, such as buy to let, where you borrow money to buy a property you will let out to tenants. Almost all mortgages are partly secured on the value of the property, and can be for varying lengths of time.

Financial Term Risk is The chance that an investment could lose or fail to maintain value.

Financial Term Proxy Statement is Information provided to stockholders in conjunction with the solicitation of proxies. (See Proxy Vote)

Financial Term participation is An agreement between lenders to share a commitment to extend funds (if any), the extension of funds, and the credit risk for one or more credit facilities to a borrower. Almost always evidenced by a written agreement.

Financial Term Preexisting knowhow is The information which is held by contractors prior to the conclusion of the contract, or acquired in parallel with the duration of the contract it, as well as copyrights or rights pertaining to such information following applications for, or the issue of, patents, designs, plant varieties, supplementary protection certificates or similar forms of protection. Also referred to as Background.