Policyholder Financial Glossary

What is it? A policyholder is a person who pays a premium to an insurance company in exchange for the protection detailed in an insurance policy.

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Financial Term Precept is The amount each non-billing authority, (County Council, Police Authority or Parish Council) asks the billing authority (district and borough council) to collect every year to meet their spending.

Financial Term Amortization is The gradual, systematic payment of a debt, such as a mortgage or other loan, in installments of principal and interest for a definite time, so that at the end of that time, the debt will have been paid in full.

Financial Term Mezzanine Capital is A specialized form of private equity, characterized chiefly by use of Subordinated Debt, or preferred stock with an equity kicker, to invest largely in the same realm of companies and deals as buyout funds

Financial Term Due diligence is Exhaustive research on a transaction, income stream, client, and/or payor. Due diligence may involve credit checks, appraisals, UCC searches, lien searches, or on-site visits with clients.

Financial Term dragnet clause is A provision in a mortgage or security agreement that attempts to extend the security interest granted to the creditor to cover not only the described debt but also all other present and future indebtedness of the debtor.