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Financial Term Footnote C is Capital gains figure includes return of capital.

Financial Term eligible accounts is Receivables that are acceptable to the lender for the purpose of making advances to the borrower under a line of credit with an advance formula. The criteria for determining the eligibility of accounts must be set forth in the loan documentation.

Financial Term Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) is A Federal statute that makes it illegal for creditors to discriminate in any aspect of a credit transaction on the basis of sex, marital status, age, race, national origin, color, religion, receipt of public assistance, or the exercise of rights under the Consumer Protection Act. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors has adopted Regulation B to implement this statute.

Financial Term International Fund is A mutual fund that invests in foreign securities.

Financial Term Shareholder is A person, institution or company who owns shares in a company or mutual fund. For company shareholders along with the ownership come a right to dividends and the right to vote on certain company matters, including the board of directors. Also called stockholder.