Completion Financial Glossary

What is it? When the sale and purchase of the property is finalised, and you become the owner of the house or flat.

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term IFA is Independent Financial Adviser - an independent expert who is authorised to sell or advise on the policies offered by insurance companies, as well as other financial service providers, such as banks and building societies.

Financial Term perfection is The name for a procedure established by Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. Creditors must comply with this procedure in order to establish the priority of their security interest in personal property relative to the priority of security interests in the same property that may be held by other creditors. (It may be used when an interest in collateral is provided by the debtor or by a guarantor or other third party.) Perfection does not normally constitute the actual agreement between the secured party and the debtor. By itself, perfection does not create a security interest and must therefore be supported by a separate security agreement or pledge agreement. There are several different procedures that can be used to achieve perfection of a security interest in a debtors personal property. The most common method is perfection by filing a financing statement.

Financial Term LoanToValue Ratio is The ratio, expressed a percentage, of the amount of a loan to the value or selling price of real property. Usually, the higher the percentage, the greater the interest charged.

Financial Term Cooperative Education is A program through which a college student alternates periods of classroom instruction with periods of related employment.

Financial Term Payment Cap is The maximum amount an ARM payment can increase at a payment change date regardless of the amount of increase in the interest rate. For example, a current loan payment of $1000, with a 7.5% payment cap, may increase to no more than $1075 on the next payment change date.