Budget Financial Glossary

What is it? Budget means a financial plan estimating all the resources and expenditure needed to carry out a research activity.

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Financial Term Land rent is The rent paid on leased land; same as ground rent.

Financial Term Inflation is The rate of rise in the price level of goods and services. For example, if $1.10 will buy you what $1.00 did a year earlier, inflation has equaled 10%.

Financial Term Certificate of veteran staus is The document given to veterans or reservists who have served 90 days of continuous active duty (including training time). It may be obtained by sending DD 214 to the local VA office with form 26-8261a (request for certificate of veteran status. This document enables veterans to obtain lower down payments on certain FHA insured loans).

Financial Term ACH is Automated clearing house (also known as direct deposit)

Financial Term Relative Strength is Relative strength is a measure of how a companys share price has performed relative to the FTSE All-Share Index. Relative strength is calculated as follows