Reverse Takeover Financial Glossary

What is it? See Reverse Acquisition

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Financial Term OCS is Office of the Chief Scientist in Israel

Financial Term Public service agreement is An agreement made between a local authority and central government containing a set of agreed stretched targets for improving services. If the council meets these targets it will receive additional funding from central government, together with greater freedoms and flexibilities from regulations.

Financial Term Interest is The charge made for borrowing a sum of money.

Financial Term PNP is One type of legal status of participants in FP6. PNP means Private Organisation, Non Profit (i.e. any privately owned non profit organisation).

Financial Term phase II audit is An environmental liability risk assessment. A phase II audit is usually conducted only when the phase I audit or other information about the property or about the activities conducted on the property indicate that there is a possibility of contamination. In the phase II audit, qualified individuals collect ground and water samples, test storage tanks, and/or collect building materials samples. Drilling may be conducted to obtain subsurface soil samples. Samples are then tested and analyzed.