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What is it? A market intermediary that assists in the structuring of a private equity transaction.

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Financial Term Internal rate of return (IRR) is The discount rate equating the present value of cash outflows with the present value of cash inflows.

Financial Term Restructure is Reorganisation of the current business structure to increase efficiencies, realise synergies or account for changes in strategy or the marketplace. This may involve both the business itself as well as the finance.

Financial Term plain vanilla is Simple; not complex. Sometimes used to differentiate pass-through MBS pools from CMO structures. More often used to mean sequential-pay REMICs, the simplest REMIC structure.

Financial Term Satisfaction of Mortgage is A recorded document issued by a lender verifying full repayment of a mortgage loan (see Reconveyance).

Financial Term Bridging Loan is If a house purchase involves the sale of one property and the purchase of another its normally best if the two deals happen at exactly the same time. If this is not possible and the purchase of the second property happens before the sale of the first is completed then another loan may be needed. This additional loan is a called a bridging loan and bridges the gap between the two house transactions.