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What is it? Hold / speculative buy

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Odd Lot is refers to buying stocks in a quantity that is not a multiple of 100.

Financial Term Broker is An agent who brings two parties together, enabling them to enter into a contract to which he is not a principal.

Financial Term Net book value is The value of an asset after depreciation.

Financial Term embedded derivative instrument is Defined by FASB in FAS 133. An implicit or explicit term in a contract such as a bond, insurance policy, or lease, that meets the definition of a derivative even though the entire contract may not. Under FAS 133, the certain embedded derivatives must be separated from the host contract for purposes of reporting and accounting.

Financial Term Af D B is African Development Bank (AfDB), an institution that tackles poverty and improving its peoples lives by marshalling resources towards economic and social progress of its regional member countries. AfDB is one of the RBAs repo-eligible counterparties