Leonardo Da Vinci Financial Glossary

What is it? A EU funded program outside of the Framework Program

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Financial Term Promissory note is A written promise to pay a specified amount to a specified party over a certain period of time.

Financial Term Commission is An amount paid by a financial institution to an intermediary for the placing of business.

Financial Term Home insurance is Insurance to cover your home. There are usually 2 types of cover property insurance, to cover the value of your building (the bricks and mortar) and contents insurance, to cover the value of the things you have in your home (furniture, TV, clothes, etc).

Financial Term Convertible Bond is A Convertible Bond is a security issued by a company that pays a fixed-income. The bond can be converted, or exchanged, at the option of the investor, into a specific number of shares of the company.

Financial Term endorser is Technically, an endorser is anyone who signs the back of a financial instrument. In lending, the term is used as functional equivalent of a guarantor. A loan endorser usually signs a guaranty agreement included on the promissory note form, often on the back.