External Financing Financial Glossary

What is it? Financing projects through new issues of securities; debt and/or equity.

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Financial Term Intermediary is A person or organisation that offers advice and arranges policies for clients.

Financial Term weightedaverage loan age (WALA) is The average number of months since the date of origination for each mortgage in a mortgage pass-through issued by Freddie Mac. The average is weighted by the size of the loans in the pool.

Financial Term Special Presentations is A service from a bank to inform a customer paying in a cheque that the payers bank will make the payment. This does not reduce the time taken for the cheque to clear - this will still take three working days.

Financial Term Exercise Price is The price at which a call option or put may be exercised. Also called strike price.

Financial Term Authorised limit is This represents the maximum amount of our debt at any one time during the year, under the new Prudential borrowing regime that was introduced from April 2004