Investment Plans Financial Glossary

What is it? Educational savings programs, usually sponsored by commercial banking institutions.

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Financial Term Odd Lot is refers to buying stocks in a quantity that is not a multiple of 100.

Financial Term Grant to the budget is For Integrated Projects and other instruments, with the exception of those which require a public procurement procedure and those for which a lump sum contribution is made, the Community financial contribution shall take the form of a grant to the budget. It is calculated as a percentage of the costs estimated by the participants to carry out the project, adapted according to the type of activity (research, demonstration, training...) permitted by the instrument and taking into account the cost model used by the participant concerned.

Financial Term Growth Stocks is Stocks of companies that have an opportunity to invest in projects that earn more that the required rate of return.

Financial Term Guardian is An individual or institution named by a court to manage the property of a person who is adjudged incapable of handling his or her own affairs.

Financial Term Temporary Absence is A period during which a member of a group insurance scheme can be away from work and continue to be covered by the insurance.