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What is it? Failure to make mortgage payments on a timely basis or to comply with other requirements of a mortgage.

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Mortgage indemnity insurance is A payment to a mortgage lender so they can take out insurance if you are borrowing more than a certain percentage of the value of your home.

Financial Term Fund is The pool of capital established for the purposes of private equity activity. Often a Management Company will be responsible for several funds that may vary according to mandate or investment period.

Financial Term discount rate is (1) The percentage rate applied to the redemption value of a security in order to calculate a reduced value for a purchaser. Some (or all in the case of zero coupon securities) of the investors return comes from the resulting price discount. (2) The rate of return for short-term securities for which the investors entire compensation comes from the discount amount. (3) The rate of interest charged by the Federal Reserve Banks for advances.(4) An interest rate applied to a single cash flow that will not be paid or received until a future time in order to calculate the present value of that future cash flow.(5) An interest rate or a series of interest rates applied to every one of the future cash flows of interest and principal expected from a financial instrument in order to create a single value for that instrument. This single value is equivalent to the sum of the present values for each of the separate cash flows expected from the instrument. When prevailing market rates are used as the discount rate, this technique produces a fair market value that is used as a proxy for market value when the market value of a financial instrument is not readily available.

Financial Term Standard variable rate is The mortgage interest rate charged by most lenders, which varies in line with rises and falls in the Bank of England base rate.

Financial Term Certificate of Title is A written statement by an attorney or title company as to the status of a property title. Proof of property ownership.