Prospectus Financial Glossary

What is it? The document, issued at the time of the initial issue of shares to the public, which explains all aspects of a companys business, including financial results, growth strategy, and risk factors.

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Financial Term Closing Costs is Fees and other expenses that must be paid by buyers and sometimes sellers when transferring ownership of a property. Costs typically include a loan origination fee, attorneys fee, advance on taxes (which is placed in an escrow account), title insurance fees, recordation and transfer taxes, and other fees. Also called settlement costs.

Financial Term Nonexecutive directors is Independent directors not involved with the day-to-day running of a company who sit on the board in an advisory capacity.

Financial Term Switch/Delta Card is A debit card which enables the consumer to pay for goods directly from their bank account without the need to carry cash or write out cheques.

Financial Term Home insurance is Insurance to cover your home. There are usually 2 types of cover property insurance, to cover the value of your building (the bricks and mortar) and contents insurance, to cover the value of the things you have in your home (furniture, TV, clothes, etc).

Financial Term Monitoring Costs is An agency cost that arises when bondholders take steps to ensure that protective covenants in the bond indenture are adhered to by the firm. Similarly, shareholders take steps to ensure that management is acting in the best interest of the owners, i.e., that managers are maximizing the wealth of shareholders.