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Occupational Pension SchemeView Definition
Occupational Pension SchemeView Definition
OCSView Definition
Odd LotView Definition
OEMView Definition
offbalance sheetView Definition
OffBalancesheet FinancingView Definition
offer or offered priceView Definition
Offer PriceView Definition
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)View Definition
Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS)View Definition
Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS)View Definition
Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS)View Definition
Official JournalView Definition
Offset mortgageView Definition
Offset mortgageView Definition
offtherunView Definition
OHLC bar chartView Definition
OID DebtView Definition
OmbudsmanView Definition
onefactor modelView Definition
ONEGView Definition
ONEUView Definition
Online BankingView Definition
Online Bill PayView Definition
ontherunView Definition
onus itemsView Definition
OpenView Definition
open market activitiesView Definition
Open OrderView Definition
OpenEnd CreditView Definition
openend creditView Definition
OpenEnd CreditView Definition
OpenEnd FundView Definition
OpenEnd FundView Definition
Operating AccountsView Definition
operating expense ratioView Definition
Operating ExpensesView Definition
operating incomeView Definition
Operating LedgerView Definition
Operating LeverageView Definition
Operating profit (adjusted)View Definition
Operating profit (reported)View Definition
operational efficiencyView Definition
operational riskView Definition
operations riskView Definition
opinion letterView Definition
OPOSView Definition
opportunity costView Definition
Opportunity Cost of CapitalView Definition
OPRIView Definition
OptionView Definition
OptionView Definition
optionadjusted durationView Definition
Order of listingView Definition
Ordinary dividendsView Definition
Ordinary ShareView Definition
Organization/Organizational Code (O)View Definition
Organizational HierarchyView Definition
Organized MarketView Definition
Original CommitmentsView Definition
original face or original face valueView Definition
originalissue discount (OID)View Definition
Origination FeeView Definition
OSOLView Definition
OTC (Over The Counter Market).View Definition
other comprehensive income (OCI)View Definition
OTSView Definition
out of the moneyView Definition
Outofthemoney OptionView Definition
OUTPView Definition
OutsourceView Definition
Outstanding balanceView Definition
OVALView Definition
over collateralizationView Definition
over the counter (OTC)View Definition
OverboughtView Definition
OverdraftView Definition
OverdraftView Definition
Overdraft CheckingView Definition
Overdraft ProtectionView Definition
OverRewardedView Definition
OversoldView Definition
OversubscribedView Definition
OvertheLimit FeeView Definition
OverValuedView Definition
OvervaluedView Definition
OWGTView Definition