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n.m. Not MeaningfulView Definition
NASView Definition
NASDView Definition
NASDAQView Definition
NASDAQView Definition
Nasdaq SmallCap MarketView Definition
National and Community ServiceView Definition
National contact pointView Definition
National Health Service Corps Scholarship (NHSC)View Definition
National SavingsView Definition
NCF Net Cash FlowView Definition
NCPView Definition
NeedView Definition
Need AnalysisView Definition
Need Analysis FormulaView Definition
Needbased AidView Definition
NEGView Definition
Negative AmortizationView Definition
Negative amortizationView Definition
Negative EquityView Definition
Negotiable InstrumentView Definition
Negotiated Underwriting/DealView Definition
Net acquisitions and disposalsView Definition
Net asset valueView Definition
Net asset valueView Definition
Net Asset Value (NAV)View Definition
Net book valueView Definition
Net book valueView Definition
Net ChangeView Definition
Net DebtView Definition
Net interestView Definition
Net loansView Definition
Net Present Value (NPV)View Definition
Net spendingView Definition
Net spendingView Definition
Net Tangible asset value per shareView Definition
Net WorthView Definition
Net WorthView Definition
Network of ExcellenceView Definition
NEUTView Definition
New FundingView Definition
New instrumentsView Definition
New IssueView Definition
New member statesView Definition
New Working Capital (NWC)View Definition
NISView Definition
NLView Definition
NMPView Definition
NMSView Definition
No Load (NL)View Definition
No Load FundView Definition
No. shares in issueView Definition
NoEView Definition
NOL Net Operating LossView Definition
Nominal Interest RateView Definition
NomineeView Definition
Non Needbased AidView Definition
Non UK turnoverView Definition
NonDischargeable DebtsView Definition
Nondistributed costsView Definition
Nondistributed costsView Definition
Nonequity dividendsView Definition
Nonexecutive directorsView Definition
NonProfit CorporationView Definition
Nonrecourse facilityView Definition
NonresidentialView Definition
Nonstatus MortgageView Definition
Normalised EPSView Definition
NormalizedView Definition
Notional DilutionalView Definition
NPVView Definition
NPVGOView Definition
NWCView Definition
NYSEView Definition