Creditworthiness Financial Glossary

What is it? How likely you are to repay debts and obligations in a timely manner.

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Financial Term Principal is The amount borrowed from a lender; doesnt include interest or additional fees.

Financial Term evaluation is The act or process of estimating the market value of real estate when a transaction secured by real estate falls within one or more of the exemptions set forth to the requirements for obtaining a full appraisal. If a transaction falls under one of three exemptions, an evaluation is required. If the transaction is exempted under one or more exemptions not including one of the three that require an evaluation, an evaluation may still conducted if the lender considers it prudent. An evaluation may be conducted by independent bank personnel or by an appraiser. When an appraiser conducts such an estimate of value, it is called a limited appraisal and must meet requirements for limited appraisals.

Financial Term dilution is (1) The difference between gross sales and net sales. Dilution is caused by sales that are reversed as a result of returns and/or allowances. (2) The reduction in an existing stockholders position that results from the issuance of new shares.

Financial Term Debt is A liability or obligation in the form of bonds, loans, mortgages or overdrafts owed to another person or persons and required to be paid by a specified date (maturity).

Financial Term Signature Card is A contractual form, executed by an account holder, establishing account ownership and setting forth some of the basic terms of the account and provisions of the deposit contract.