Credit Limit Financial Glossary

What is it? The maximum amount of credit granted to a borrower.

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Financial Term Capital Budgeting is The decision-making process with respect to investment in fixed-assets. It involves measuring the additional cash flows associated with investment proposals and evaluating the viability of those proposed investment.

Financial Term Closing is The process of finalizing the sale of property that includes the transfer of title from the seller to the buyer. Also called settlement.

Financial Term Simplified Employee Pension PlanSEP is Pension plan in which both the employer and the employee contribute to an individual retirement account (IRA).

Financial Term dollar roll is A short-term funding technique used for mortgage pass-through securities. A seller of a roll agrees to sell a mortgage security at an agreed-upon price on a specified date and to buy back a similar security at a specified future date. The seller receives the use of the funds for the specified time period but does not receive the monthly cash flows from the mortgage security during the roll period. The buyer or counterparty agrees to buy the mortgage security at an agreed-upon price and to sell back a similar security at a specified future date. The buyer is the owner of the security for that time period and as the owner is entitled to all of the cash flows during that period. Unlike a repo/reverse repo transaction, at the end of the transaction time period, the buyer is only required to resell a substantially similar security to the seller.

Financial Term Principal Orders is Refers to activity by a broker/dealer when buying or selling for its own account and risk.