Adjustable Rate Financial Glossary

What is it? An interest rate that changes periodically in relation to an index. Payments may increase or decrease accordingly.

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Financial Term Prospectus is A legal document stipulating the history, financial standing and objectives of a company or a unit trust before the company lists or the fund launchesPut A put gives an option contract holder the right to sell a number of shares at a specified price when the option expires.

Financial Term Accrual rate is Rate at which pension benefits grow within an Occupational Pension Scheme for each year in service. Usually expressed as a fraction of final salary.

Financial Term Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is The APR is the interest rate figure that indicates the total cost of borrowing, including any charges. When you borrow money, every lender is required by law to quote this rate. The APR is the best way of comparing like with like. It was introduced as part of the Consumer Credit Act of 1974 and is mostly used for credit cards, Personal Loans and mortgages.

Financial Term Unsecured Debt is Debt, such as most credit cards, that is not secured with collateral. Compare to secured debt.

Financial Term escrow accounts is Cash held in abeyance until an event occurs or does not occur. For example, funds paid monthly by a mortgagor to the mortgagee are held in escrow until they are due to the taxing authority.