Coupon Financial Glossary

What is it? Interest payment on debt.

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Financial Term Bonus account is A savings account that pays a bonus if you keep your money invested for a set period.

Financial Term Automatic Investment Plan is This service allows investors to invest automatically, by transferring money from bank or brokerage accounts at regular intervals.

Financial Term Approved Investment Trust Company is This is an investment trust company that doesnt have to pay capital gains tax on profits, that it makes from the sale of investments within its portfolio.

Financial Term LBO (Leverage Buyout) is A corporate restructuring where the existing shareholders sell their shares to a small group of investors. The purchasers of the stock sue the firms unused bet capacity to borrow the funds to pay for the stock. Typically the company becomes private.

Financial Term Guaranteed growth bonds is Fixed term investments, typically between 3 and 5 years, where you invest a lump sum and are guaranteed either a minimum amount of money at the end of the period, or that you wont lose the original amount you invested.