CORDIS Financial Glossary

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Open is The price at which a security opens the trading day.

Financial Term Workers Compensation is Employer-paid insurance required by law that compensates employees who are injured on the job.

Financial Term Closing is The final step in the purchase of property, during which the buyer and seller sign the sale agreement. The buyer signs the loan agreement and pays the cost of closing. May include title search, points, transfer taxes and various other fees.

Financial Term delta is (1) The Greek letter used by mathematicians to refer to change or the quantity of change. (2) The price sensitivity of an option. The change in an options price divided by the change in the price of the underlying instrument. As an option becomes deeper in the money, its delta gets closer to 1.0. As an option get further out of the money, its delta gets closer to zero. However, the change is nonlinear - the delta changes faster when the option is close to being in the money. The rate of change in an options delta is called the options gamma.

Financial Term Public Securities Association (PSA) is Former name for the Bond Market Association.