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What is it? Accidental Death and Dismemberment - loss of life or limbs through accident.

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Cooling Off Period is A period allowed in certain circumstances when a person who has entered into a contract (for example, an insurance policy or a personal loan) may cancel it without incurring any penalty.

Financial Term Recommendations (REC) is This is the current recommendation, which the broker published with the latest forecast. This can be a straightforward buy, sell or hold, for example. More often, it lies somewhere between or even beyond these three terms, for example weak hold, or overweight, and each broker has a range of perhaps eight to twelve such gradations. A + or - sign accompanying a recommendation denotes, respectively, an upgrade or downgrade when compared with the previously published recommendation. It should be understood that a single recommendation from a given broker must be viewed in its full context, namely the entire text of the research it is based on, the share price at the time of writing, and the full range of recommendations employed by that broker.

Financial Term Certificated share is A share for which you receive a share certificate and which gives you the right to vote at annual general meetings.

Financial Term Candidate Countries is Those NAS countries that are in process of becoming members of the EU

Financial Term EEIG is See European Economic Interest Group