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What is it? Whenever you buy or sell an investment, you should receive confirmation, or a confirm, that acknowledges and reports the details of your transaction.

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Financial Term Agency is Where one authority (the main authority) pays another authority (the agent) to do work for them.

Financial Term Contract to purchase is An arrangement for the sale of real estate whereby the buyer may use, occupy, and enjoy land, but no deed is given by the seller (and no title passes) until all or a specified part of the sale price has been paid. A purchaser who is buying the property by means of a contract to purchase may not consider himself/herself to be the owner since the seller actually has the title. However, for this survey, the purchaser is considered to be the owner. Contract for deed, land contract, purchase agreement, agreement of sale, and assumption agreement are similar terms used frequently in some areas of the country.

Financial Term Prime Rate is The basic rate of interest on loans charged by commercial banks.

Financial Term Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) is The amount of your income that is taxable. AGI consists of your gross income from taxable sources minus certain items, such as payments to a Keogh plan or a deductible Individual Retirement Account. AGI minus deductions and personal exemptions equals your taxable income.

Financial Term Rights issue is New shares issued and sold by a company to raise fresh capital.