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What is it? Feature that enables you to search for valid values within the Finance database. (you can look up the code by title or numerically).

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Future is A contract to buy or sell a fixed number of commodities, currencies or shares at a fixed future date and price. The contract can be traded on a formal exchange or in the over-the-counter, unregulated market.

Financial Term Fixed Rate Mortgage is A mortgage on which the interest rate is specified in the loan contract, and remains unchanged throughout the term of the mortgage loan.

Financial Term Liabilities is Financial obligations or debt, claims or potential loss.

Financial Term Encumbrance is Represents funds that have been reserved but not yet expended. Encumbrances in the Finance system include purchase orders or contracts, and other commitments of funds. Encumbrances do not appear on asset and liability accounts.

Financial Term KEYB is Key buy