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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Economic development area is An area defined by local authorities for govemment-assisted economic programs.

Financial Term Capital Gains Distribution is Profits distributed to shareholders resulting from the sale of securities held in a portfolio for more than one year.

Financial Term Unseasoned is A lease or note that has had few, if any, payments made.

Financial Term First Deed of Trust (or First Mortgage) is In order to protect the rights of the lender and the borrower, liens on real estate are usually recorded in the county where the property is located. A deed of trust or mortgage typically becomes a lien against the property when it is recorded, and this record typically establishes the priority of liens if the property is sold for any reason. The loan with first rights is the First Deed of Trust or First Mortgage (see Deed of Trust, Mortgage).

Financial Term Article 169 is New instrument for FP6 relating to complementary funding for Member States national R&D programs - not initially to be used in IST