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What is it? County-Court Judgement (England and Wales) - awarded against you if you are summoned to court over a debt and either dont turn up or lose the case.

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Financial Term price is The amount paid for a security. The price of a security is usually expressed as a percentage of its par value. For mortgage-related securities, the price is usually expressed as a percentage of the current face value. A price greater than 100 percent is a premium price while a price less than 100 percent is a discount price.

Financial Term ISO is International Standards Organisation

Financial Term Cash plan is Pays out cash if you have to spend time in hospital. May also pay towards other medical treatment.

Financial Term Dividend Reinvestment Plan is A company program that allows its dividends to be reinvested in additional shares. The shares may be sold at a discount from the current market price.

Financial Term Repayment Schedule is A plan that is provided to the borrower at the time he or she ceases at least half-time study. The plan should set forth the principal and interest due on each installment and the number of payments required to pay the loan in full. Additionally, it should include the interest rate, the due date of the first payment, and the frequency of payments.