CAT Standard Financial Glossary

What is it? A voluntary standard set by the government, covering Charges, Access and Terms for ISAs.

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Financial Term Durable Power Of Attorney For Health Care is A document, created while you are still capable of expressing your desires regarding medical treatment and life supports that give someone you designate the authority to make medical decisions for you if you are rendered incapable of making them yourself.

Financial Term Permanent health insurance is Provides an income, until retirement if necessary, if you cant work because of sickness or disability.

Financial Term Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is An insurance contract written by a private corporation that protects a portion of the loan to the mortgagee against losses that might occur in the event of default and/or foreclosure on conventional loans. May also refer to the companies writing this type of coverage.

Financial Term Current assets is Short-term assets that constantly change in value such as stocks, debtors and bank balances.

Financial Term Footnote D is To be used on any day that a mutual funds net asset value is reduced by a capital gains distribution.