Cash Flow Industry Financial Glossary

What is it? The buying, selling, and brokering of privately held debt in the secondary marketplace; the marketplace where businesses and individuals get help managing their cash flow needs.

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Financial Term Maturity Risk Premium (MRP) is Risk associated with interest rate uncertainty. The longer the time to maturity, the higher the premium.

Financial Term Principal is The outstanding balance owed on a debt, excluding interest.

Financial Term Contingency is A condition that must be met before a contract is binding. For example, the sale of a house might be contingent upon the seller paying for certain repairs.

Financial Term Bond is A bond is a long term debt. This a loan to a company or government in return for a fixed level of income (coupon) and a guaranteed return of the investment at the end of the bonds life (known as the maturity date). There is a range of different bond types available, offering different dates to maturity. The advantage of bonds over shares is that bondholders are ahead of shareholders in receiving payment if the underlying company goes bust. Although the maturity price ( redemption price) and income level is fixed, the market prices of bonds can rise and fall just like shares. Prices of the bond are determined greatly by interest rates and inflation forecasts. For example if inflation is likely to increase, the fixed income will be worth much less as time goes by therefore, the price paid for the bonds in the open market will be less to compensate for this. Overall, the long-term return on bonds is lower than that achieved by shares but, bonds are useful for boosting income in retirement.

Financial Term Utmost Good Faith is The principle of insurance that requires you to give all relevant information to the insurance company.