Capital Structure Financial Glossary

What is it? Mix of different securities issued by a company.

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Financial Term Actuarial gain (loss) is The changes in the pension funds deficits or surpluses that arise because of a) Events have not coincided with the assumption used by the actuary when carrying out the previous triennial valuation of the fund or b) The actuary changing the assumptions used in the current triennial valuation exercise from those used previously

Financial Term Mortgage is A written instrument that creates a lien by pledging real property as security for a debt.

Financial Term Rate is The annual rate of interest on a loan, expressed as a percentage of 100.

Financial Term Money Market Deposit Account is A deposit account offered by banks and financial institutions directly equivalent to, and competitive with, money market mutual funds.

Financial Term Short Term Gain (Loss) is The gain (loss) realized from the sale of securities or other capital assets held six months or less.