Capital And Interest Mortgage Financial Glossary

What is it? Also known as a repayment mortgage.

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Financial Term Preference Share is A share in a listed company that pays the holder a fixed rate of interest rather than a dividend. Preference shareholders are also paid out first if a company is liquidated.

Financial Term Specific grants is Payments from the Government to cover local-authority spending on a particular service or project. Specific grants are usually a fixed percentage of the costs of a service or project.

Financial Term Life Expectancy is The age to which half of the people in an age group are expected to live.

Financial Term Beneficiary is The person or party entitled to receive the benefits, or proceeds, of the life insurance policy upon the death of the insured person.

Financial Term Promissory Note is A promise in writing, and executed by the maker, to pay a specified amount during a limited time or on demand, or at sight, to a name person, or on order, or to bearer.