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What is it? See Common Agricultural Policy

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Bill of Lading is A shipping document which gives instructions to the company transporting the goods.

Financial Term Treasury Bill is Fixed-income security issued by the U.S. government having a maturity of less than one year at issue. Backed by the governments full faith and credit (unconditional commitment to pay).

Financial Term professional corporations is Entities sometimes used by doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. These entities can provide favorable tax treatment and administrative advantages and can therefore be advantageous to the professionals who use them. In most respects, other than taxes, they are indistinguishable from all other corporations.

Financial Term Load is A sales charge associated with buying shares in some mutual funds. (See No-Load Fund.)

Financial Term Hedge Settlement Rate is The Hedge Settlement Rate is the spot AUD/USD exchange rate at around 945am Sydney time. It is mostly used to settle non-deliverable forward foreign exchange contracts and as a reference rate for the spot Australian dollar market.