Buytolet Financial Glossary

What is it? This is when you buy a property to rent it out rather than live in.

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Financial Term PITI (Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance) is Used to indicate what is included in a monthly payment on real property. Principal, interest, taxes and insurance are the four major portions of a usual monthly payment.

Financial Term D/K Debt to Capital Ratio is Definition Interest Bearing Debt divided by Total Capital (Debt plus Equity). This financial ratio represents the amount of leverage or debt used in the calculation of the discount rate used in your analysis.

Financial Term Asset Management Account is An account at a brokerage or bank that includes the services of both. Asset management accounts generally offer check-writing privileges, credit or debit cards, and automatic transfers from one account to another. They often require an annual fee.

Financial Term Lifetime Cap is (see Interest Rate Cap)

Financial Term Cash Reserves is A cash amount sometimes required to be held in reserve in addition to the down payment and closing costs. The amount is determined by the lender.