Warrants Financial Glossary

What is it? Securities giving the holder a right to subscribe to a share or a bond at a given price and from a certain date

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Financial Term debt security is Any financial instrument representing a creditor relationship between the issuer (the debtor) and the holder of the instrument (the creditor). This generally includes all U.S. Treasury securities, municipal securities, corporate bonds, convertible debt, commercial paper, and securitized debt instruments such as CMOs and REMICs. Debt securities are usually not defined to include option contracts, futures contracts, forward contracts, lease contracts, or nonsecuritized loans.

Financial Term LLC (Limited Liability Company) is also called Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) It a new type of partnership that is now permitted in many states. Unlike a regular and limited partnership, in an LLC, all partners enjoy limited liability with regard to businesss liabilities, and, in that regard, they are similar to shareholders in a corporation.

Financial Term Title is A legal right or document proving legal right.

Financial Term Bid is The best price market makers are willing to buy the share.

Financial Term Government Bond is A bond issued by the U. S. government.