Voluntary Scheme Financial Glossary

What is it? A pension or other benefit scheme in which the members choose the extent and levels of benefits provided.

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Financial Term Consumer Credit Counseling Service is Non-profit agencies that offer consumers with credit problems debt negotiation services and advice on financial management.

Financial Term TRS is Trading sell

Financial Term Financial Ombudsman Service is Independent body to decide complaints relating to banking, investments and insurance.

Financial Term Student Aid Report (SAR) is The official notification sent to a student as a result of the Central Processing System (CPS) receiving an applicant record (via FAFSA) for the student. The SAR summarizes applicant information, an Expected Family Contribution for the student, and displays other special messages related to the students application. In some instances the SAR may need to be submitted to the financial aid office at the school the student plans to attend, but only if the school requests it.

Financial Term SME Exploratory Award is Given to an SME to support the exploratory phase of a project (for up to 12 months). Supported by the Program of Innovation and Special Measures for SMEs. Does not exist in FP6.