Value Stocks Financial Glossary

What is it? An undervalued stock as indicated by low price earning ratio (P/E ratio), high dividend yield and a low price to book ratio

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Financial Term econometric models is Systems of mathematical formulas that attempt to represent the interaction of various macroeconomics variables. Some economists use these models to predict the alterations that will result from changes in one or more economic conditions. These models are sometimes used to predict interest rates. Rate forecasts made by econometric models are seldom correct.

Financial Term Purchase option is A provision by which you have the right to purchase the asset at the end of a lease term, either at a predetermined amount or its fair market value.

Financial Term Endowment policy is A type of long-term investment plan (usually investing in the stock market), which also includes life insurance cover so that if you die during the plan, your successors get a guaranteed payout. Often used to repay mortgages at the end of their term. The final payout is usually not guaranteed

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