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What is it? Underweight negative

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Repossession is This is when a borrower fails to pay back their loan in accordance with the terms and conditions of their loan and the lender takes legal ownership of the property.

Financial Term Hedge Settlement Rate is The Hedge Settlement Rate is the spot AUD/USD exchange rate at around 945am Sydney time. It is mostly used to settle non-deliverable forward foreign exchange contracts and as a reference rate for the spot Australian dollar market.

Financial Term Curtailment costs is Curtailment costs are the amounts of money that are paid to a new pension scheme when a defined group of staff transfer from one pension scheme to another. The costs represent the value of the pension rights accrued by the transferring staff.

Financial Term Balance Sheet is A financial statement providing an instant picture of your net worth. Total assets minus total liabilities equal net worth.

Financial Term Impound Account is (see Escrow Account)