Underwriting Financial Glossary

What is it? The process of verifying data and approving a loan.

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Financial Term estoppel is A legal term describing the preclusion of a party from alleging in a legal action anything that is contrary to previous actions or admissions of that party.

Financial Term Living Trust is A trust which is in effect during the life of the settlor, rather than upon his death (testamentary trust).

Financial Term Mortgagor is The borrower.

Financial Term Asset based lending is Encompasses funding against debtors in the form of factoring or invoice discounting, and can incorporate an element of funding against stock, property, existing plant and machinery. Also includes hire purchase and leasing products to fund assets in the form of new plant, equipment and vehicles. Can be extended to cover the funding of payroll specifically for recruitment agencies.

Financial Term BIA Grant is See Bureau of Indian Affairs Grant.