Bill Of Lading Financial Glossary

What is it? A shipping document which gives instructions to the company transporting the goods.

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Financial Term Lender is The person or institution (most usually a bank or building society) that lends you money

Financial Term Grant for integration is For Networks of Excellence, the Community financial contribution shall take the form of a fixed grant for integration to attain the objective of the joint programme of activities. The amount of the grant is calculated taking into account the degree of integration, the number of researchers that all participants intend to integrate, the characteristics of the field of research concerned and the joint programme of activities. This contribution is to be used to complement the resources deployed by the participants in order to carry out the joint programme of activities.

Financial Term Closing costs is Various fees and expenses payable by the seller and buyer at the time of a real estate closing (also termed transaction costs), such as brokerage commissions, lender discount points, title insurance premiums, deed recording fees, loan prepayment penalties, inspection and appraisal fees, attorneys fees, etc.

Financial Term Online Bill Pay is Bill payment is available online and allows you to make payments to several different vendors. Paper checks are issued when ACH payments are not available through bill payment.

Financial Term Offer Price is The price in the market that a prospective seller is prepared to accept to sell the shares. The higher of the prices in the Bid to Offer spread. The price paid when you buy the shares and the existing shareholder accepts the OFFER to buy them.