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What is it? Tuck away

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Financial Term Negative Amortization is An increase in a mortgage loan balance that occurs when the monthly payment is too small to cover the principal and interest due. The amount of the shortfall is added to the remaining balance to be repaid later. See graduated payment mortgage.

Financial Term Further advance is When you borrow more money against your property by increasing the size of your mortgage.

Financial Term Dividend is The distribution of part of the earnings of a company to its shareholders after the company has decided how much income to retain and plough back into the company. A dividend is usually expressed as an amount (in cents) per share.

Financial Term Appraisal is An opinion of value based upon a factual analysis. Legally, an estimation of value by two disinterested persons of suitable qualifications.

Financial Term Underwriting is An agreement by a fund manager to buy any unsold new issue of shares in exchange for a fee.