Trust Account Financial Glossary

What is it? Same or similar to escrow account. See also escrow account.

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Financial Term TaxExempt Entity is Tax-Exempt Entities, for federal income tax purposes, generally include any federal, state or local government (including their agencies and instrumentalities); any organization that is exempt from federal income taxes, such as non-profit charitable organizations; and most foreign persons or entities, unless a significant portion of their gross income is subject to federal income tax.

Financial Term Mortgage life insurance is A term life insurance policy for the amount of the declining balance of a loan that is secured by a mortgage or deed of trust. This is not the same as mortgage insurance and should not be reported as such.

Financial Term Book to Bill is This is the semiconductor book to bill ratio. It reports on the amount of semiconductor chips that are booked for delivery as compared with those that companies already have billed for.

Financial Term Friendly society is A financial organisation that sells tax-exempt life insurance investments.

Financial Term Pension Scheme is A way of saving for your retirement