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What is it? (see Bank Insurance Fund)

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Financial Term Correlation Coefficient is A statistical measure that indicates how much a change in one variable can be explained by a change in another variable.

Financial Term Size of Financings is Transactions defined according to their respective sizes. In the venture capital realm, there are four categories of deal size.Very small deals Less than $500,000. Small deals Less than $1 million. Mid-sized deals Between $1 million and $5 million. Large deals Greater than $5 million.

Financial Term SAI is (see Statement of Additional Information)

Financial Term Stakeholder pensions is A low cost, flexible type of pension. These meet strict government guidelines, on access, charges and terms.

Financial Term Characteristic Line is The line of bet fit through a series of historical returns for the firms stock relative to the market returns. The slope of this line, called beta, represents the average movement of the firms stock returns in response to a change in the markets returns.