Total Employee Cost Financial Glossary

What is it? Wage salary, social security and pensions not including director remuneration

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Financial Term Gross spending is The overall cost of providing our services before allowing for government grants or other income.

Financial Term Bond Factor is Bond factors relate to pass-through securities that have had part of their principal repaid prior to maturity. The bond factor is the proportion of the principal that is yet to be repaid. Eg a bond factor of 0.85 means 85% of principal is yet to be repaid

Financial Term Servicing is The collection of payments of interest and principal, and trust fund items such as fire insurance, taxes, etc., on a note by the borrower in accordance with the terms of the note. Servicing by the lender also consists of operational procedures covering accounting, bookkeeping, insurance, tax records, loan payment follow-up, delinquent loan follow-up and loan analysis.

Financial Term Cost Centre Manager (CCM) is The manager who is responsible for the financial activities and management of a specific service or support service activity.

Financial Term wraparound mortgage is A second mortgage that takes over the first. The first mortgage loan is not paid off. Instead, the borrower makes payments to the second mortgage lender for the debt service of both the first and second liens. The second lien holder then makes the payments to the first lien holder. This type of mortgage is used when the borrower is unwilling or unable to refinance the first mortgage. Prepayment of the first mortgage may be prohibited or may be subject to high penalties. Alternatively, the first mortgage may have a very attractive fixed rate of interest. The wraparound arrangement permits the borrower to leave the first mortgage intact while giving more control to the lender willing to make the second mortgage.