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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Interestonly mortgage is You pay only the interest on your mortgage, but also put money into an investment scheme to pay off the whole mortgage at the end of its term.

Financial Term Basis Points is A measure of changes in interest rates that is 1/100th of 1 percent. A chance of 50 basis points equals of 1 percent.

Financial Term dual index notes is Securities with coupon rates that are determined by the difference between two market indexes. These bonds often have a fixed coupon rate for a brief period followed by a longer period of variable rates. A type of structured note.

Financial Term Surrender Value is The amount of money paid to the holder of an insurance policy by the insurer when certain types of life policy are discontinued before the full benefit becomes payable.

Financial Term plus is An informal term for 1/64. Half of 1/32, the smallest increment commonly used to quote the price of an agency security. For example, a quoted price of 101 and 5/32 plus is equivalent to 101 and 11/64ths.